Free Hearing Aid Trial

Hearing Aid Trials

  • Before any hearing devices are recommended to you, a hearing test must be completed. At Hear Clear Canada we offer free hearing tests to evaluate the condition of your hearing. Our hearing tests are quick, simple, and pain-free.
  • Once you’ve completed your hearing test, we determine your hearing requirements based on the results of your test. If you require hearing aids, we provide our recommendations and offer you a free trial period. Hearing aids should always be tested before they are purchased to ensure they work.
  • We provide a free 2 week trial period with no money down.
  • Let us know how your hearing aids work for you, the clarity and intensity of the sounds you hear, and whether they fit comfortably for you. Your feedback is important to us because at Hear Clear Canada, we are dedicated to fitting you with the best product for your lifestyle and hearing needs.
  • If your trial proves successful, you are fitted with your hearing aids and offered a price adjusted to fit your budget. At Hear Clear Canada, we offer a 12-year interest-free payment plan and up to 3-year low-interest plans to ensure that cost won’t be an issue.